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MEC Fuels & Chemicals (MEC) is an American business based in Houston, TX. MEC’s products are testing units, reactors, catalysts, and adsorbents. MEC also conducts research & development and consulting work in various areas. MEC’s experts and strategic partners have extensive experience in biofuels, biochemicals, catalysis, water treatment, equipment manufacturing, controls & automation, process design & engineering, business development, and commercialization, and international trade.


To provide cleaner products by leveraging chemistry and engineering technologies.


To make our world pollution-free by collaborating with people, schools, governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.


Every person on the planet has the right to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and live in a sustainable manner. These fundamental rights are what led to the creation of MEC. We believe that by working together we can secure these fundamental rights for ourselves and for future generations.


Commitment  & Honesty

Commitment & honesty are the foundation of our operational model and is maintained in every aspect of our business. We are committed to and honest with our customers, strategic partners, our employees, and our consultants.

                                           Social Responsibility

“Conscious Capitalism” is demonstrated by our commitment to set an example of how to eliminate waste in our business practices and daily activities for the benefit of society. We strive to ensure our products are environmentally friendly, safe, and Made in the USA.


Our business model is focused on our customers and their needs. We collaborate with our customers to help them surpass their goals. Our workmanship exemplifies the level of care that we take into providing quality products and services within each customer’s budget.


Being innovative in each aspect of our business is critical to efficiently providing products and services in harmony with our Mother Earth. Our passion encourages our strategic partners, employees and consultants to perpetuate innovation with us in academia and industry.