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Isolda Griffiths

Isolda Griffiths comes from the oil industry, working for international majors and independents. Ms. Griffiths has been involved in the economics, planning, decision, and risk analysis of multi-billion dollar oil and gas projects that ranged from R&D to exploration, pre-development, development, and production. She has worked for projects in the deepwater GoM, US onshore and internationally. She holds a BS in geophysics from UNLP, Argentina, an MS in petroleum engineering and an MA in energy economics both from the University of Texas at Austin. Her multidisciplinary background and experience allow her to understand, identify and quantify risks and opportunities from a holistic position. In her work, she is known for her original ideas, plans, and processes while always keeping HSE in mind. She also enjoys mentoring and training. Her skills and experience would be very valuable to MEC’s clients.